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How to keep flies out of your wheelie bin

Updated: Apr 30

Inner West Pest Control How to keep flies out of your wheelie bin

Hot, humid days mean the Inner West’s FOGO (food organics and garden organics) bins are covered with flies – and often swarming with maggots too.

Flies lay their eggs in organic matter, faeces, and food waste, making green bins the perfect breeding area for maggots (fly larvae), which then turn into more flies.

Follow these simple tips to help prevent flies and maggots around your green bins:

How to prevent flies and maggots in your FOGO bin

1. Make sure your indoor compost caddy and FOGO bin are clean and dry inside

Excess moisture can provide an ideal environment for flies to breed. Absorb any extra moisture by placing cardboard in the bottom of the bin, or paper towel in the bottom of the caddy. A sprinkle of bicarb soda can also absorb excess moisture.


2. Put all organic matter in FOGO bags or newspaper before putting them in the bin

Don’t overfill FOGO caddy bags. This ensures you have space to tie them securely. Wrapping meat and fish scraps in newspaper, and then freezing them until it’s time for collection day can also prevent flies from gathering around the bin.


3. Store caddy in cool, dry area

Keeping your caddy in a cupboard under the sink, or even the fridge can prevent flies from finding it. Keeping your outside bin in a shady area can also help reduce flies.


4. Ensure bin lid is closed properly

Gaps can allow flies to enter the bin. With council-supplied indoor compost caddies, keep the handle up so it locks in place. Keeping something heavy on the lid of your outside bin can help it stay properly closed. Just remove it before collection.


5. Wash your bin and caddy regularly

This ensures there’s no organic waste build-up. Wash your caddy with hot, soapy water every time you empty it. Ideally, Clean your outside bin after each collection. Adding some citronella or tea tree oil after rinsing can act as a natural insect deterrent.

Need help with your outdoor bins?

If you still can’t get rid of maggots and flies in your bin, we can help.

We use a clear, odourless, aerosol fly bait on bins which is effective for around four weeks.

Call us on 0491 497 378 for more information.
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