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Fly Removal

Remove flies from your home with Inner West Pest Control.

Inner West Pest Control offers professional and reliable pest control services, treatments and advice and are experts in fly control and fly treatments that will ensure that your home is free from flies.

Our fly control processes are child, pet and plant friendly, to ensure the best results for you, your family, your pets and your garden when it comes to removing flies from your home. There are a number of different methods to remove flies from your home depending on a variety of factors. Get in touch today for recommendations on how to best treat and remove flies from your home.

Inner West Pest Control Fly Removal

About Flies

We all know that flies can be irritating and hard to get rid of in our everyday lives. Most fly species are attracted to food, which can lead them to your home, your commercial kitchen, or cafe/restaurant.The most common fly species you'll find around the inner west of Sydney include house flies, fruit flies, blow flies, and drain flies. Different fly species are all attracted to different food products - including meats, carbohydrates, and sugars, so we recommend an inspection to see what pest treatment would be most suitable to eliminate the problem.

It is important to identify which species of fly is present for a treatment to be truly effective, as each has different breeding habits and attractants. In the inner west of Sydney, the most common fly species are:

  • House Flies - breed in decomposing waste such as rotting food, and are attracted to food smells.

  • Blow flies - blow flies will lay eggs in rotting meats, which makes kitchens, cafes, and restaurants most susceptible to this species of fly. They may also accompany other pest issues, like rats and mice, as they will lay eggs in the dead bodies of these animals.

  • Fruit Flies - as the name suggests, fruit flies are particularly attracted to rotting fruits - producing fermenting sugary liquids. Even in small amounts of this liquid, fruit flies will find and breed in these spots. The liquid can accumulate in garbage containers, drains,and old drink bottles, which makes the fruit fly a particular nuisance for restaurants, cafes, and kitchens.

As with any area, however, there's a range of fly speicies that you may encounter. These include small flies, such as Drain Flies, Fruit Flies, and Fungus Gnats, filfth flies, like Cluster Flies and Face Flies, Biting Flies, such as Horse Flies, Stable Flies, and Mosquitos.

As with any pest problem, prevention is better than a cure. To prevent a recurring fly problem, ensure that:

  • All food is covered - since any type of food, including crumbs, can attract flies, ensure that food and leftovers are covered up. This measure also ensures that your food is not contaminated. Small flies typically breed in moist, rotting fruits, vegetables, and compost garbage, whereas filth flies breed outside in manure and other organic material.

  • Cover entries - using physical barriers - such as fly screens, and keeping windows/doors shut - means that flies can't get into the property in the first place. 

  • Remove access to water - fix leaky taps, blocked drains, and clear out puddles where water can gather and sit. Flies need water to survive, and they're more likely to lay eggs near a plentiful water source.

  • Food hygiene - keep your food preparation areas, sinks/drains, and garbage clean. Ensure you dispose of any food waste promptly to prevent it from attracting flies/becoming a site for flies to lay eggs. 

During a female fly's life time (approximately 30 days), it will lay between 400 to 600 eggs. This makes it incredibly difficult to pinpoint and remove the source of the problem, as do-it-yourself solutions typically won't attack the deep source of the problem. This is why we always recommend the use of a professional service for a truly comprehensive extermination solution. At Inner West Pest Control, we offer professional and reliable pest control services, treatments and advice across the inner west suburbs of Sydney and surrounding areas. When it comes to home consultations for pest control services we work weekends and after hours to limit the inconvenience to you. Professional and courteous, our goal is to achieve 100% complete customer satisfaction with our pest control services and treatments

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