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Safety Data Sheet

View the Safety Data Sheets for the products we use in our services

ANTAGONIST Pro 80 SC Residual Ant Insecticide

Atmosphere Forte Pro

Attract Ant Pro Ant Bait

BASF Wasp Freeze Insecticide

BIFLEX Aquamax Insecticde

Battleax Pro Professional Crack & Crevice Aerosol

Bird Dropping CLeaner Sanitiser Concentrade

Bird Dropping Cleaner

Bird Free Feral Pigeon Repellent

Boom Tank Cleaner

Bromakil Super Rat Drink

Clearout Drain Foam Aerosol

Contrac Soft Bait

Coopex Insectidial Dusting Powder Industrial

D-TER Animal and Bird Repellent

DEMAND Insecticide

Dirac All Weather Blox Rodentici


Earth Care Products

FMC Fury

Ficnam W Insecticide

Fipforce Aqua Termicide & Insecticide

Fresh Wave IAQ Gel

Generation Firststrike Single Feed Rodenticide

Goliath Gel Cockroach Bait

Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait

Imperator Smoke Generator Insecticide

Oda Block

Provoke Professional Mouse Attractant

QuickBayt Fly Bait

Quickbayt Spray Fly Bait

SAS Professional Granule Ant Killer

STARRDUSTRPRO Insecticidal Dusting Powder

Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait

Seclira Pressurised Insecticide

Seclira WSG Insecticide

Selontra Soft Bait Rodentcide

Sentricon IG Termiteicide Rod

Silvalure Ephestia Plodia Phereome Disp.

Spill Kit

Straycide Insect Growth Regulator

Sumilarv Granular Insect Growth Regulator

Sumilarv Insect Growth Regulator

Suspend Flexx Instecticide

Synergy Pro Ant Bait

Temprid Residual Insecticide

Termidor Residual Temriticide & Insecticide

Trapper Glue Board

Warden Residual Termiticide

Wasp Jet Pro

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