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commercial kitchen pest control

Starting at $200 + GST Per Treatment

Any house size, inside and out: starting at $220 + GST


  • Comprehensive warranty upon completion of the service.

commercial kitchen

Service Information

We guarantee you will be satisfied with Inner West Pest Control's inner west commercial kitchen pest control services. Inner West Pest control can target cockroaches and rodents in your restaurant or cafe.

We know the impact that pests can have on your business - especially as a commercial kitchen. One mishap can permanently tarnish your reputation and put a halt to all business, losing you countless hours of work and revenue. At Inner West Pest Control, we understand how urgent this problem is to your business, so we'll work discretely and quickly to solve your problem; your satisfaction our guarantee.

Prevention - Tips and Tricks

Entrance Points

Owners should ensure that their property does not have any entrance points, such as holes, that would allow the entrance of rats and other rodents into their kitchen. Entrance points include holes/openings in fly screens, doors that don't seal properly, or holes in walls. Any entrance point to the premises should be fixed immediately to prevent any rodent or pest from making their way into the property.

Disposal of Food Waste, Empty Packages, and Boxes

Ensure that all boxes and empty packages are correctly disposed of as to prevent areas in which cockroaches and other pests may take refuge. Such pests can include cockroaches, spiders, rats, mice, and silverfish - all of which are problematic to your food safety, and your reputation to customers. 

In fact, the majority of cockroach infestations are brought in on deliveries, and thrive in empty boxes as moist, dark, safe areas to feed and breed. Mice and rats also seek these areas as an easy, warm place to seek shelter and feed. This problem can be intensified if food waste is not removed from the premises in secure bags, as this will only improve the conditions for the pests to feed and nest within your kitchen.


Pricing starting at $200 + GST per treatment, including a warranty on completion of the pest control program.

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