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Bed Bug Removal

Pricing & Details

Our service includes a full bed bug treatment. Plant, child, and pet friendly. Includes our warranty subject to terms & conditions. Our specialised treatment is guaranteed to remove your bed bug problem.

Bed Bug Pest Control per room: $300 + GST (if you've pre-treated).

Inner West Pest Control Bedbug Removal


We recommend that you take steps before your treatment with us to increase the ease of the pest control service, and protect your own privacy. 

  1. Place everything you can in the room outside in black plastic bags directly in the sun. With published thermal death points of 40-45 degrees depending on exposure time the aim of the game here is to heat everything up for several hours to as hot as possible.

  2. Remove larger room items and wrap in black plastic as per above.  If wrapping your mattress, make sure you turn the mattress over several times during the day to distribute the heat as evenly as possible (we would always recommend a bed bug mattress cover).

Our prices are based on having a clear room to treat. If the room is not clear, we'll have to go through drawers and cupboards, pull apart beds, and move furniture. Not only is this uncomfortable for you, but our prices will have to increase to compensate for the longer service time.

Why Inner West Pest Control?

Incredible Customer Service - Local & Specialised Service - Exceptional Customer Testimonials

We offer professional, courteous, and reliable pest control services, treatments, and advice throughout the Inner West. With raving customer testimonials, you're in safe hands. All of our treatments are child, pet, and plant-friendly. We're so confident that we back every treatment with our warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, subject to our terms & conditions.

We're flexible and will do after-typical business hours to reduce the inconvenience you experience. We also offer a range of treatments to ensure that we can tackle your problem. We're locals, serving the Inner West exclusively, so we know the problems that often plague the area, and are aware of the best treatments appropriate for the treatment that you require.

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About BeD Bugs

Inner West Pest Control Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have long been a problem for inner-western Sydney homes. and for greater Sydney. Beg bugs are small, wingless insects that appear red/brown in colour. While the bed bug is not known to carry any disease, it can cause nightly irritation in the form of welts from their bites. On top of this, bed frames, mattresses, and sheets can be soiled by their droppings. For longer-term infestations, you may be able to identify a "buggy" smell.

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A common misconception is that bed bugs only affect older houses that ​are not looked after/cleaned. This is false - in Sydney, bed bugs can impact everything from older houses to new, upmarket housing. And since they can easily move from place to place in trunks, suitcases, and furniture (amongst others), they can be particularly hard to protect against. Returning travelers may carry bed bugs from less-than-reputable tourist destinations, or guests may carry them when they're visiting your home.

​Bed bugs may also be hard to find as their survival is reliant on hiding in crevices - including skirting boards, architraves, pictures, headboards, mattresses, bed frames, and picture rails. Typically, the first sign of infection are bites on the skin in the morning that last for 7-9 days, and appear like mosquito bites. They will leave black dots of their droppings on the mattress or other bed surroundings - including the headboard.

Bed bugs lay eggs in batches of about 10, creating a total of 200 to 500 eggs in the female's lifetime. Eggs take anywhere from 7 to 30 days to hatch, but the typical hatch-time is 10 days. The life cycle of a bed bug from egg to adult can range anywhere from 45 days to a year. And since the adult bed bug can last up to a year without a blood meal, simply not sleeping on a mattress to deprive them of food will not solve the issue.

Bed bugs can be particularly difficult to remove. Since they hide within the bed and surrounding furniture, most do-it-yourself solutions do not attack the source of the problem directly. Additionally, their quick breeding time means that a single bed bug left behind can quickly turn into a second infestation. This is why we always recommend the use of a professional service for a truly comprehensive extermination solution.

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