Mice and rat removal

Remove mice and rats from your home with Inner West Pest Control.

Inner West Pest Control offers professional and reliable pest control services, treatments and advice and are experts in mice and rat control and mice and rat removal services that will ensure that your home is free from mice and rats.

Our mice and rat removal processes are child, pet and plant friendly, to ensure the best results for you, your family, your pets and your garden when it comes to removing mice and rats from your home.

Mice and rats breed every 6 weeks. If you have any indication that there are mice or rats in your home you need to act now or risk damage to your property or health!

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About Mice and Rats

Because rats and mice are attracted to food and warm dry shelter, they are naturally found within the urban and suburban areas of Sydney. Homes and restaurants are at particular risk due to a high abundance of food, and the ease of setting up a nest in the nooks-and-cranies of your home.

Mice and rats can carry up to 70 diseases and bacteria, as well as acting as host to fleas and other disease-carrying parasites. On top of this, like any animal, they produce urine and faeces, which can pose particular risk to the health and safety of your food, and, thus, your family. 

Mouse traps and other traditional methods for do-it-yourself removal don't always work as mice and rats can easily burrow and hide within your home, breeding quickly and avoiding traps. This is why we recommend you hire a professional for a truly comprehensive extermination. At Inner West Pest Control, we offer professional and reliable pest control services, treatments and advice across the inner west suburbs of Sydney and surrounding areas. When it comes to home consultations for pest control services we work weekends and after hours to limit the inconvenience to you. Professional and courteous, our goal is to achieve 100% complete customer satisfaction with our pest control services and treatments