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Pricing & Details

Our service includes a full ant infestation treatment. Plant, child, and pet friendly. Includes our warranty subject to terms & conditions. Specialised treatment options for ant species including green ants, big-headed ants, native black ants, or bull ants.


Please contact us for pricing. 


Why Inner West Pest Control?

Incredible Customer Service - Local & Specialised Service - Exceptional Customer Testimonials

We offer professional, courteous, and reliable pest control services, treatments, and advice throughout the Inner West. With raving customer testimonials, you're in safe hands. All of our treatments are child, pet, and plant-friendly. We're so confident that we back every treatment with our warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, subject to our terms & conditions.

We're flexible and will do after-typical business hours to reduce the inconvenience you experience. We also offer a range of treatments to ensure that we can tackle your problem. We're locals, serving the Inner West exclusively, so we know the problems that often plague the area, and are aware of the best treatments appropriate for the treatment that you require.

About Silverfish

Found in disturbed areas like bookcases, closets, store rooms and bathtubs (falling out of a bathroom light into the bathtub unable to climb out.

Silver scale like appearance

Eggs are laid in small batches, hatch in 3-7 weeks.

Hatchlings mount to grow and will reach sexual maturity in 6-12 months.

Can live up to 4 years, in which adults molt periodically

Silverfish are nocturnal creatures that hate the light.

Whenever light is seen silverfish run as fast as they can.

Generally live in roof void, wall cavities and sometimes subfloor.

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