Eco friendly green pest control service

Starting at $242

3 Bedroom Home: starting at $242

4+ Bedroom Home: starting at $242


  • External ground surface only (not in the air) perimeter spray, targeting cockroaches and rodents, so as not to harm any beneficial insects that may live around your home.

  • A lockable rodent bait station.

  • German Cockroach gel treatment in the kitchen.

  • Baits placed in the roof and the subfloor.

* Service inclusions are subject to an initial home inspection. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Eco friendly green Inner West pest control service

Service Information

Inner West Pest Control offers an environmentally friendly pest control service for your inner-west Sydney home. If you are looking for a green, eco-friendly pest control treatment for your home that has a low environmental impact. get in touch with Paul at Inner West Pest Control today. This is a full-home environmentally friendly treatment. Prices may differ depending on the size/type of your home.


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