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Meet our Termite Specialist

My name is Maxwell Clark and I started in the Pest Control Industry straight out of High School. I never dreamt of being a pest controller. As I started to study termites, they fascinated me. The biology, the caste system, the team work, and the structures that they can build are fascinating. They even build temperature controlled high-rises. The termite is an amazing insect, whose tenacity knows no bounds.

I've been blessed by being mentored by second generation industry icons and well as Technicians/Maestros who imparted their lifetime knowledge of termite hunting.

My passion and dedication led me to New Zealand to deal with an Australian imported termite species Coptotermes Acinaciformis.

I was in charge of a team of New Zealand biosecurity experts who worked to stop the spread of these termite colonies throughout the North Island of New Zealand.

Over the 7 years I have been in the Pest Control Industry, I have dealt with over five thousand pest enquiries, and decimated thousands of nests.

I am an E.P.A licenced qualified pest management technician with the latest in education and training . I am striving to be the best in the business, with an enviable list of mentors backing me.

I am Maxwell Clark - The Termite Hunter.

Inner West Termite Control Maxwell Clark Termite Specialist
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