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​Glebe is a laid-back suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, located three kilometers from the Sydney CBD. It is a highly densely populated suburb, with 12 thousand residents in 2016, giving it a population density of 6410 per square kilometer.

Glebe features ​a set of diverse restaurants, cafes, and shops to service its residents. With a semi-diverse set of residents and recent gentrification, Glebe has become a hot-spot for small eateries and pop-up stores. 

Being highly sought after due to its location and proximity to the Sydney CBD, housing is not cheap, and it is densely populated. Like many inner west suburbs, much of Glebe's housing is old, early 20th-century housing. This makes Glebe particularly susceptible to pest problems, due to older housing standards and lack of maintenance. 

Inner West Pest Control Glebe Pest Control

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About Inner West Pest Control

We will come to your Glebe property, and we'll even do home consultations after hours and on weekends to avoid inconveniencing you. And because we're based in Sydney's inner west, we know the Glebe area and the common problems that the area experiences. This allows us to tackle your problem quickly and effectively. We also have exceptional customer testimonials.

Inner West Pest Control offers professional and reliable pest control services, treatments, and advice in Glebe, Sydney. We are experts in pest control and pest treatment who will ensure that your home in Glebe is free from pests, whether they cockroaches, spiders, ants, rodents, wasps, fleas, bedbugs, silverfish, carpet beetles, or anything else. All of our pest control processes are child, pet, and plant friendly, to ensure the best results for you, your family, and your home when it comes to removing pests from your Newtown home.

Inner West Pest Control Child, Pet, and Garden Safe

Child, Pet, and Garden safe

Our service technicians are trained in the use of the latest clean pest control chemicals and processes giving you peace of mind.

Inner West Pest Control Complete Pest Control Package

Complete Pest Control Package

Our complete pest control package covers a range of common household pests, including a comprehensive warranty to give you peace of mind. 

Inner West Pest Control Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

You can come to expect the best service from Inner West Pest Control - we'll even do home consultations after hours to avoid inconvinencing you. 

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