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The Cost of Improper Termite Removal

An initial sighting of termites can be surprising and fill you with dread, anxiety and no doubt dozens of questions will flood your mind.

How long have they been there?

How many are there?

How bad is the damage?

What can I do?

How much will I have to pay?

These are just some of the many questions that may lead to you to thinking that you must get rid of the termites yourself. However, this line of thinking can lead to even worse results and create further damage.

For a recent client in a commercial renovation this is exactly what happened. The builders chose to remove the termite mudding which is essentially their highways. To understand why this is such a problem, first termite behaviour must be explained.

Credit: (NCSU)

Termite Tubes
Termite Tubes

Termites create these highways to travel safely and retain moisture.If the highways are disturbed the termites will return to their nest and not reappear for some time.To get control of a colony, a palatable bait is fed to the active termites who then return to the nest and feed the rest of the colony.

A termite colony is hierarchal with the workers at the bottom. These are the ones who travel throughout and collect the food. Therefore, it is important to not disturb the highways so the workers can return home and spread the bait to the king, queen, nymph, reproductives, and soldier termites.

Termite Life Cycle
Termite Life Cycle

Termites are a huge problem in Australia and its essential to get professional help to remove them correctly. Not doing so can lead to an even worse infestation, significant damages and costs.

Get in touch with the professionals at Inner West Pest Control today. We are experienced in all types of pest control, whether you are facing termites, rodents or insects, Inner West Pest Control will solve your pest issues.

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