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LA NINA and the neverending rainy season

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The rain never stops. Many weather reasearchers believed that La Nina would dissolve at the end of summer. However, as the rainy weather continues well into autumn, it is now believed that La Nina will be around till June.

Rainfall across Australia

(Bureau of Meteorology)

This unprecendented rainy weather has led to a difficult summer for the Pest Control industry. In what would traditionally be the best time for business, the rain has caused a significant slowdown for the industry.

But it isn't just us who are affected by La Nina. The changing season, temperature drops, and rainy weather can introduce rodent problems into your household.

Rats and mice are prolific vermin. They have a gestation period of about 24 days, and are known to spread deadly diseases. If you have pets such as cats and dogs they are particularly at risk. These pest will live in your roof and subfloor areas, seeking refuge from the cold and rainy weather outside.

Rat Pest

(The Conversation)

Getting rid of a rodent infestation yourself is a difficult task, and off-the-shelf products are inferior to those used by professionals. These products are often use incorrectly, which can lead to secondary poisoning of other animals such as pets and wildlife.

A new professional product used by us at Inner West Pest Control provides an effective and safe solution. This product is not harmful to birds of prey and is fast-acting on rodents.

If you hear any squeaking (it means baby rodents) or see other signs of rats such as droppings, scratches, or holes. It's time to call Paul at Inner West Pest Control

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