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Why I Love Hunting Termites

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Termite Holes in wood - Inner West Pest Control

People often ask me why I love my job so much. Oftentimes, they only see the negative parts of the job, which includes crawling through subfloor areas that can be as low as 3 bricks high, or, if I'm lucky, 5 bricks high.

What they don't see, though, is the mission ahead: to find the termites in the lowest, smallest, and hardest of places. For every homeowner, finding termites can be incredibly daunting, but I think it's a wonderful thing - if they weren't found, they would continue feeding on the owner's home, leading to tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills. Finding the termites early could limit the damage to only a few hundred dollars in treatment, with no damage to property occurring.

For me, the joy of finding the termites and, on the last visit, declaring the colony eliminated. The smile on their faces always brings a smile to mine. This is why I'm committed to termite hunting for many years to come: it allows me to help people and prevent damage that would end up causing a long repair time and plenty of associated costs.

I'm continually learning that every job is different, and has its requirements to be met and exceeded. Every situation has its challenges, but none change quite as quickly as termites. Mischievous and devilishly smart, these little creatures will find any entry point, penetrate different types of constructions, and hide in new places. They always keep me on my toes.

- Max

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