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How I ended up a bee keeper!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

How a pest exterminator became a bee keeper

After entering the pest control/Management industry, one of my first thoughts was how to give back to the environment. The new approach to pest management is IPM or integrated pest management.This ethos became my mantra and more to the point the mantra of my business Inner West Pest Control.

On the job in the spring of 2017,a client asked me to treat that nuisance bee who had been chewing out her mortar between the bricks at the front of her house.

On investigation turns out to be a beautiful specimen of a blue banded bee. I objected and tried to relocate her.(Actively shooing it away)

Client placated.Yah!!

For about 2 minutes then the bee was back at work.(and she had made a good job of removing plenty of mortar over time)The client, sitting out the front by then called me back and insisted I give it `a squirt`.

That was the last bee I ever squirted.

Inner West Pest Control is more about Roaches and rodents, and other nasties of the pest universe: Bed Bugs; Fleas; German cockroaches; rodents(mice and rats); termites and borers. Sometimes bees swarm and relocate to difficult locations. Inner West Pest Control now specialises in relocating bees, not killing them.

I joined the local beekeeping group and Inner West Pest Control is on the bee keeping journey of a lifetime. On attending the first beekeeping meeting, a pest manager was treated with suspicion(which has subsided) and have met some very interesting people, from all walks of life.

Next time I will chat about how I obtained my first hive.

Bye for now, all the best.


Inner West Pest

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