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Get rid of fleas
Flea pest control

How to get rid of FLEAS

With a high rate of pet ownership in Sydney and the Inner West, flea infestations are a very common pest control problem. Even if you don’t own pets they can still infest your home, especially if there are birds, possums, rats, mice or other animals who live nearby. 

Pets can pick up fleas from numerous places in Sydney and the Inner West, including local parks, grooming salons, and pet boarding houses, and bring them back to your home where they will breed and spread throughout your house.

Flea infestations are not usually limited to one location in your home. Fleas will spread to any part of the house that your pet has access to, so it is very important to treat the fleas and remove them from your entire house at once. 

The best ways to prevent fleas in Sydney is to take regular steps around the house to reduce the chances of a flea infestation to minimal. Make sure that you vacuum your home weekly, hot wash your pet bedding regularly, brush and comb your pet regularly and always ensure that carpets, furnishings, and bedding are free from any dropped food.

In Sydney, fleas can breed quickly with a lifespan that can be between two weeks and eight months. Around half a millimeter in length, flea eggs are very small, making them difficult to see. Flea eggs can remain dormant for up to two years, only hatching when the conditions are right. There are several different types of fleas found in Sydney, including dog fleas, cat fleas, bird fleas and various types of mites and they all require different types of flea treatments. For these reasons, it can often make it difficult to treat flea infestations completely without professional help.

The best way to treat and remove fleas from your home in Sydney is to use a professional pest service, such as Inner West Pest Control. A professional pest service will apply the latest pet and family friendly chemical treatments, which are far more effective than any off-the-shelf solutions commonly available in supermarkets and hardware stores.

For the end of lease flea treatments, general flea treatments and pest removal in Sydney and the Inner West contact Inner West Pest Control. Flea treatments start from as little as $165 per treatment, depending on the type of flea treatment required and the size of your house. 

For an end-of-lease flea inspection or to have your home in the Inner West treated for flea infestations, call or email Paul from Inner West Pest Control on 0491 497 378 or

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