Cockroach pest control

How to get rid of German cockroaches?

German cockroaches are a big problem in Sydney and the Inner West: they breed quickly and can reach pest plague proportions fast. A single German Cockroach female can lay up to 100,000 eggs per year and, as they like warm, humid places,  Sydney and the Inner West, especially in summer, can be German Cockroach heaven.

German Cockroaches in Sydney and the Inner West can be tan or black, but the most distinctive feature to recognize them by is two dark, roughly parallel marks running from behind their head to the base of their wings. They are mainly seen at night, however, if you see German cockroaches during the day, there is probably substantial infestation present.

German Cockroaches in Sydney and the Inner West are remarkably resilient to many standard pest control measures. The main reasons for this resilience include a lack of natural predators, rapid reproduction with a short reproductive cycle, the ability to hide is small and confined spaces and an impressive resistance to many chemical pesticides.

For the treatment, control, and removal of German Cockroaches in Sydney and the Inner West to be effective, it must be comprehensive and systematic. Even the survival of a couple of eggs is enough to ensure re-population and re-infestation.

Steps towards ensuring that German Cockroaches are no longer welcome in your Sydney Inner West home include regularly ensuring that all indoor rubbish bins are emptied, that no food scraps are left in the sink after rinsing and washing up, that any dishes left in the sink are rinsed first, that all kitchen appliances are kept clean and regularly maintained, that crumbs and dropped food articles are swept up and cleaned and that no food is left out in the open or kept unsealed. 

The best way to treat and remove German Cockroaches from your home in Sydney is to use a professional pest service, such as Inner West Pest Control, as they can apply the latest chemically engineered treatments, which are far more effective than any off-the-shelf solutions commonly available in supermarkets and hardware stores.

German Cockroach treatments and pest removal for Sydney and the inner west from Inner West Pest Control start at $130 for the initial treatment. A mandatory top up treatment, administered 3 to 4 weeks later, costs $100.

Call Paul from Inner West Pest Control today on 0491 497 378, or email, to have your home in Sydney's Inner West treated for German Cockroach infestations.