Eco friendly green pest control service

Starting at $242

3 Bedroom Home: starting at $242

4+ Bedroom Home: starting at $242


  • External ground surface only (not in the air) perimeter spray, targeting cockroaches and rodents, so as not to harm any beneficial insects that may live around your home.

  • A lockable rodent bait station.

  • German Cockroach gel treatment in the kitchen.

  • Baits placed in the roof and the subfloor.

* Service inclusions are subject to an initial home inspection. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Service Information

Inner West Pest Control offers an environmentally friendly pest control service for your inner-west Sydney home. If you are looking for a green, eco-friendly pest control treatment for your home that has a low environmental impact. get in touch with Paul at Inner West Pest Control today. This is a full-home environmentally friendly treatment. Prices may differ depending on the size/type of your home.


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